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$19 Weekday Dinner Deals

If you’re looking for finger-lickingly good spots to make your new regular. Check out our seriously drool-worthy lineup of weekday dinner deals at Barrow with our handpicked selection of dishes that’ll keep the weeknight hunger pains at bay – at least until the weekend 🤤 Go forth and be thrifty!



Parmi Army

Classic Australian parmigiana served with steakhouse chips and salad

When a good chicken parmigiana hits the table it’s enough to make everyone pause. Melted cheese coloured dandelion-yellow to pie-crust brown. Bright-red napoli sauce and ham poking from underneath. Then the crisp crumbs, maybe a little charred, covering a juicy chicken breast. Free of gristle, bone and fuss.


Pasta Pitstop

Your choice of :

- Chicken carbonara

sautéed bacon, mushroom, onion, garlic, creamy wine sauce

- Pumpkin and pesto linguine

roasted pumpkin, roasted capsicum, sun-dried tomato, basil pesto in creamy sauce


Every fiber of my being is made of pasta. So which would you choose today?

Image by Kelvin T


Pizza o'clock

Choose any pizza you like from our menu!

Pizza is the ultimate happy meal. There’s no denying that some delicious Friday night end of the week pizza is a real winner

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